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I've been badly neglecting this BLOG. We're in Truckee, California, a small town just north of Lake Tahoe. It snowed about 10 inches here today.

I found this song, thanks to John Lurie. Its completely beautiful, and the title is poetry.



I wrote this in the afternoon - I'm ill-equipped for the outdoors on days like this, and have been wanting to spend more time writing.

If the snow is a dancer

I am the blind one

Eyes rolled softly to the back of the Earth


Its been piling and falling 

under and into

its own weight

for hours, since the morning came in wind


God howl, exhale from

the top of the moon


through all the light

passing through all the light

that happened before we see it


and weaving new lines

on our faces

as we clench our arms

arms of each other

lovers, children

walking to our hiding homes, 

buried under the weather


All our love piling

the awe

and falling under itself

to where no one remembers

and tomorrow, God, or something, winks

and we awake too early

to a humbled sun




We're off to San Francisco tomorrow. Its been another encouraging couple of months out playing. Thank you for your support and coming by.



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