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Some thoughts on the old year and my place going forward

Last year I watched USA election results on my cel phone on a 16 hour bus from Patagonia to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I watched on the New York Times site, reception coming in and out, as their dial graphic turned from 85 percent blue probability to 95 percent on the end over the course of a couple of hours. 
I was very sad and like many very shocked, not because I was adamantly "with her", but because I was "against him", of course in retrospect many of us see the problem in this. As the circus of tweets and brash bravado and lack of decency continue, I continue to be disappointed and embarrassed, but what happened has encouraged me to consider a lot of what I think I know as our truths, decencies, and motives as an individual and as global society, and my part in it all. How can I be of use? Maybe I can, or maybe I must, embrace this time as all of ours to be be wide eyed in creating the future we want to live, to be empowered and emboldened by the threat of the soulless and transcend the tired discourse and entertainment politic with real, dedicated work of vision and empathy. Im going to have to work harder at communicating honestly, being the type of person I believe in and can love, and defending the dignity of others. Certainty is over for a while and at points this might be good.
People we are smart, but we've lost our art.
We have created an often disfunctional society in its values, often without looking, with the most evident symptom being the type of people we reward with our highest offices, business and finance law, and commercial arts. It's not just them, the big and mighty culpable, it is me and all of us in how I define success and progress and what we look for in what we communicate. The good news is that pretty much all of us know this now. The illusions are growing thin even as the deluded cling harder to old ideas. We recognize that our global society is, in ways, destructive and non-functional, in others not, as I am not a fatalist. How we react to this realization is going to be our story. Can we take responsibility in creating the answers? It is very confusing to know what to do, but I feel confident that it comes in honest interaction amongst ourselves, and the quieting of our "consume man and object" animal.
I don't know what your job is now but I know with clarity that mine has to be to create. To act on all things I think have to be better. To dream ruthlessly and wild in wonder. To not allow success to be defined by greed. To respect, create together, create empathy with action and real work together.
Music is the way I know how to dream, create, overcome, be absurd, be hopeful. It is a constant personal savior and I see it work for and with others. Im grateful to have the opportunity to do this with people from all over the world that look all kinds of ways both in and out.
This next year Im going to be working. 

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