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Stream of Listening, Ornette Coleman

Been working on listening, actively, for something, sometimes with the intention of documenting what I am experiencing.

This morning I listened to the Ornette song below, and wrote. Started typing with he first note and ended with the last. Did not edit



Stomp, say something

Dead eye world

Bite the tongue

Of the violent whistle Morning on the Mexico City wind sound

Pointing and yelling, bleeding and crying in silence

Insides playing a poor game of telephone to the outsides


What you want you are telling me in all the wrong ways

You are not telling me what you want

You are telling me something else

And hoping I can understand it as what you want

But that, that you want but can't say, fear lip, it is not what you need

You have those confused

What you need is love

To operate with love

But people either operate guided by this

Or guided by want

Want is money

Short paint

Love is harder


I have wanted to say it all, at the same time

Without learning to say one thing

Love first, talk later

And Im only writing to myself

What I want You to understand Is there

But I can't really tell you

That I want to be loved

But what I need Is to love

And Im drawn in circles, made of the wheel

Tell me what you hate about that

Or don't, I will make it up for you

And call it truth, to myself

And let it break me quietly

To the shockingly simple end

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