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We are being overcome by our telephones. Below is a photo of couple guys our for some coffee together in Chiapas. They haven't talked in the 30 minutes I have been here. I don't claim innocence on telephone addiction, but this eating with one hand while checking the phone - thumb scrolling - with the other is really remarkable.

We gave a clinic this morning to young music students here in Chiapas. I wish I could start every day that way. It wakes the altruist and provides perspective, and context, to what I am working on, and what I believe is important. Most of what I do, honestly, is by impulse, but sharing ideas and experience with these kids, I'm forced to reflect on what I am doing, why, and where I might be useful.

This tour has been really special thus far. We have performed in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and now out for a run of dates in Mexico, equal parts concerts and work with communities.

Every country is really distinct. People have been good to us. If you think Mexico is impuntual, visit Nicaragua. People might show up the next day, true story. Not a dig, just reality, they will be the first to tell you this.

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