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The Best Gigs Ever, Always

Im writing from the green room of this club in Boca Raton, Florida called the Funky Biscuit. Its a very nice club for where we are at, holds maybe 200 fine people, great sound, clean, nice people. We were talking after the show tonight, which I felt musically was quite good. Not completely overwhelming, transcending, but it was good and I liked playing. We discovered some new approaches to tunes we will probably forget. Then it will be nice to discover others.

  But we were talking and its late, like 2 a.m., and just kind of running through what happened, how people reacted. And its easy to remember the few old couples that left during Where's her Money From over the folks who stayed and clapped all night. So I recalled something Steven Bernstein told me when we had played this restaurant gig in Los Caob.s We were playing Monk tunes and some arrangements I had, but there was a volume and "out-ness" ceiling. Lots of right notes, which I don't always feel right and honest about playing, but that is another story.

We finished the gig, and it was on the beach, and the waves were happening, and we played like 3 sets. And there was breath and space and humility in the music. And no attempt to corral it as our own. We were fine with it existing, and there was no pressure to have a certain amount of people sign your email list or buy your CD or say they loved your song. We just got to play with each other. I didn't realize how special that was at the time, often the case, until Bernstein, always positive in word and deed, said "man, when I play a gig like that, the waves crashing and we are playing Monk, I say fuck it, that was the best gig I've ever played in my life." 

I considered it a gross overstatement at the time, but I know what he means now. Tomorrow's gig can be the net best gig I ever play in my life, if I allow it to be that way. It all has to do with expectations. If expectations and this egoic desire to own can subside, its just the people you play with and music. And every night it is better. That is the approach.


Thanks for reading .... another show here in Florida and to Mexico City for some Naked Beat debuts, filmings, and recordings happening.

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