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The Mexicali Story

Buenos dias New Jersey. Esta noche A Love Electric - Mexicali Live, 9 p.m., Teaneck, NJ.
Recalls the tale of the ALE show that never was in Mexicali proper. We'd been in the car a number of days driving and playing the Baja peninsula. We'd played Ensenada and spent the day up across la Rumorosa, an infamous stretch of highway that runs parallel to the US- MX border, up thousands of stories in desert mountain and howling heat. Along the fence. There's no music you listen to on a drive like that. Silence is all that works. 
We got to the venue hotel and there were no rooms. The promoter showed up shaky and let us know the show's location had changed. 
Suspicions grew when he could not recall the address, nor name, of the new venue. Nonetheless, we had our rooms, it was 105 degrees outside, and rest was required. We'd been thousands of feet in the air that day.
Showtime came and we were sent circling the city looking for a place whose name I cant recall but sounded more like a taqueria than the 500 seat club we were slated to play. Past the strip clubs and wandering American men down for a Friday night, through Chinatown-Mexicali (there is a very large Chinese population in Mexicali, though the food still seems inauthentically prepared), and sadly lit street to the venue address. It was a taqueria minus charm. The promoter was there and timidly, in circle speak, when pressed, relayed that his bar had been closed down by some political foe in the days prior to our arrival. Music, industry, politic. They should be teaching that in the music schools.
There were three or four men at the bar eating peanuts and dressed in dramatic belt buckles and cowboy hats. More sombreros I suppose. Whether you'd call it cowboy or sombrero, its up to who does the wearing. George Bush wears a cowboy hat, Tom Waits wears sombreros. There was also a Tama rack tom drum kit set up in the corner. 
I asked the promoter for the rest of the money he owed us and we went back to the hotel.

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