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The Year in Photo - Lighter Fare

Didn't make much money, but we made a lot of art. I love that. Very grateful, humbled, excited for the next. We played in NYC last night opening for Cyro Baptista. A nice way to end. January I promise to commit every day, morning, discipline, commit, onwards - to making art.


To the photos.


PUEBLA, MX - Int Jazz Festival - May 2012 w/ Cyro Baptista - this was part of a two week run we did with Cyro. His energy and love is contagious, towards audience and band.

Cyro has a wrestler mask t-shirt he bought on tour. It requires lacing.

Soundcheck Aguascalientes, MX - La Feria de San Marcos - Casa de Cultura w/ A Love Electric

Mark Aanderud in Mexico City on ALe w/ Cyro tour. Mark and Hernan Hecht also released a record with their group MOLE, which I would recommend checking out.

Hernan Hecht pictured middle with Cyro Baptista at a workshop the two did in Aguascalientes, MX.

Zinco Jazz Club, MX City with Adam Meckler on the trumpet.

Burgos, Spain - Did a duo tour there with Argentine drummer Alex Leys.

A Love Electric at Sala De Audio - tracking with Mike Dillon, Aaron Cruz, Hernan Hecht

Film Club with Mike Dillon

El Lunario - Auditorio Nacional with Billy Martin and Wil Blades

We released two records with A Love Electric, the first was 20th Century Folk Selections. Im still proud of this one.

My roommate in Mexico City, great musician and trombonist Brain Allen with Cyro Baptista.

San Lucas orphanage workshop.

Booga Club, Granada, Spain - A Love Electric with Zack Lozier, Aanderud, Hecht, Cruz

Family flute one off.

Burgos, Spain, watching the people go.



Machete 4, 3 of us - with Phil Grenadier and Luri Molina in Queretaro, MX.

With Aaron Cruz at Sala de Audio.

At the Ritz Theater, Minneapolis, MN with Nichols, Schutte, Bates, Meckler.

Rooftop Mx City apartment building. Monk, sun.

South somewhere... Baton Rouge maybe - from a tour A Love Electric did with the Panda Resistance out of Tulsa, OK.

Rick Parker n Steven Bernstein in the old Bunker Studio, Brooklyn,  NY.

I made a record with Anton Fier. He is completely brilliant and Im honored to call him a friend. Look for us on the road in 2013.

Wrote a lot of music

I love this one.

And, The NAked Beat is coming. Feb 19 2013

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