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Thoughts on Power Bastards

As a foreigner with mediocre command of the Spanish language, I dont feel qualified to comment on Mexico's history and politics with any profundity. As a human being, and someone who lives and loves the country and city, I feel comfortable saying the president, PRI, and authorities deployed to the Zocalo to violently remove peaceful protesters (whether you are in agreement with their cause or not, or bothered by the traffic jams caused - of little significance in a vision more grand) confirms, once again, that these people are shameless scum. What to do about it? Don't politik the same. Turn off our televisions. Create something. Educate and truth them to inconsequence. We have to be honest in what we do. If we hate them until we are them, all the while politicking with untruths gentle or vicious, we support the idea that power and a mystic, sickened understanding of "success" - which implies the ugliest concept of all, superiority - is more important than integrity. That is backwards, of course.

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