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Today on the TV in Juarez

Today was the day of the “paro nacional” (national day of pause - marches, protests) in Mexico to protest the absurdly corrupt government and their habit of murdering young people, the most recent case being the 43 students in the rural community of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

I was on television this morning for Ciudad Juarez Jazz Fest. The host of the program was a well dressed - all in black, the dress code of the paro nacional - and wise looking man. The station was the usual censored and insincere Mexican television. They were not addressing what was happening in the country. Hernan said it best, there are two completely different countries in Mexico right now, the one on the television and the one the people are actually living.

The host man was very sweet during the breaks and interested in music and how Id ended up in Mexico City. Someone else mentioned politics. It was clear you don’t talk politics or opinion on this station. The show cut to a mundane conversation about obtaining ID’s and so on. During the break, off air, the host looked at me, and said “these politicians are not bad, they are fucking rats.”

  We then went on air and talked about the JazzFest. We were avoiding what is much more important, but I also connected deeply with the man in further conversation off air. So is it his fault we're not talking about it on the television? Is he afraid? Am i Afraid? Would he lose his job? Does that mean they have won, the “rats”?

     I think we are all too afraid. I often question consequences of saying things I know to be true and could be helpful. Is that wrong?  I am worried someone might some Im absolutely crazy, or never listen to my music, or cast me as irrelevant. 

 These politicians, the repulsively dishonest and insincere President of Mexico, these people are the crazy ones. But they have the TV, and they have weaponized it. They have weaponized our doubting ( a beautiful and uniquely human trait) conscience. Our hope is in our consideration, but its been turned against us by folks that have no consideration but for themselves.

 I believe in people. I believe in the television host that talked to me off air and called the political class in MX “rats”, not the man I heard talking on the air. I know who he really was. A lot of us are like that, we hide at times. I do it. The world of the inhuman, the stories and marketeering and censorship that rails against censorship, the false democracy - that world its not us. So what do we do about it? I have been to the marches. I have worn black. I work with communities and kids and try to help people. I have stopped over consuming as best I know how.

And these "rats" are worse than before. Now what? Anger? Conversation? Wait for someone else to fix it? 

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