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I had the day today in Mexico City to ride the subway around, write and walk downtown. I went to the museum of Intolerance and Tolerance. It is a beautifully done series of exhibits in a beautiful building that houses presentations on some of the most horrid moments in recent human history. All is presented in the name of educating and inspiring tolerance. That word in Spanish also translates roughly to mean acceptance and even implies a bit of love, not simply "allowing something to exist".

I am not a historian, nor do I feel qualified to comment on the weight of the exhibits, spanning from the Holocaust to Darfur, but I can say I am glad the museum exists, and would recommend it to anyone visiting Mexico City. I did take some pictures and wrote some thoughts, fragments. I believe we are getting better, which is not good enough. 

Below are a few photos of some of the more optimistic moments that I left with. These thoughts are born from a sad and often death ridden place, which provides them more poignance, and makes the study of the least of humanity all the more essential to our understanding of hope and possibility. 


An appropriate translation of this would be "To you, I am another. In another, there are no limitations, only possibilities"


"They who save one life are saving the world in its entirety" - Agreed. The act means hope. And without hope, nothing means anything.


"Tolerance is the relationship of our differences living in harmony"


Amongst images of women being raped in Rwanda, ethnic cleansing in Darfur, tortured children in Yugoslavia. Crimes of inhumanity.  Religious persecution in cambodia. There is the soldier lady with an iraqi man on a leash in Abu Ghraib. He is screaming and blood is coming from his ears. He is naked and his penis is dragging on the cement. She is smoking and smiling. It looks like all the other things next to it. I am struck by the only event pictured here that happened in my adult lifetime, on my watch, my dollars. We forgot and forgave too quickly. 

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