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We are all looking for the same thing

That is a cliche, but its worth mantric repetition when frustrated or angry. I want what I want and I want it now says the mighty world of need for a misunderstood success. Maybe I can look at my life as a legacy of actions and consequences, and the consequences of those, and on from there, and realize then what is important. Its another cliche, its love. You leave behind love. 

Im here in Peru, in Cuzco today, and have been able to experience things that will change my perspective forever. Im not the same as I was a week ago. Seeing the poverty that exists in Belen, a district in Iquitos of floating houses made of old politician signs, metal scrap, nothing sometimes, just some dead wood for a floor. And the beauty of indigenous communities n the Amazon. The horror of black market exotic animal trade and the bravery of many organizations who rescue these animals and rehabilitate them, at great cost and effort, so that they can re-enter their natural habitat.

People who will never have their music heard and do it anyway without complaint. They dont do it for adoration or the idea success, they do it for love. Thats what Im here to connect with. I forget all the time, mostly hourly, what I think I need and what I really need. I need honesty and hope. I dont need adoration. I dont need to present a false self or character to achieve a success that does not benefit others, or my long term well being. I lose this. Its easy to lose. The ego is vicious. But art, when its art for art, is the greatest gift we have. It takes the desperate self and makes it a community of hope.

Here's an image of a girl I met outside Cuzco. She was walking to the town center with her Alpaca after school to sell some bracelets. I've been playing and teaching a lot, but learning far more than I am able to give. The traditions are so deep and vary so heavily from one town to the next, its inspiring. 

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