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Week with Medeski

There is a depth to what some musicians do that does not lie solely in sound. They communicate a possibility through their playing. At times, the experience completely transcends mind and body. We laugh and move in new ways.

I considered not writing anything about the shows with Medeski. They were of course more significant than a blog post (a term that is becoming increasingly bothersome), there is danger in trying to quantify with language, and feigning for increased attention by means of the work of another. Thats not what I want to communicate. I hope its joy. 

Through a series of fortunate events and blind ambition, I was able to organize a week of shows with John in Los Cabos. The idea was to explore some of what I do with music in a unique way each of three nights, and include as many friends and collaborators as possible who have been a part of what has happened the past couple years, all generous with time and energy.

The first night we played with A Love Electric in a large theater. Aaron and Hernan are family, and brilliant, passionate people. We all communicated and created something pretty vicious. I managed to stay from getting nervous and really just celebrate. The music between the three of us is at that point where it has become malleable again in a way that allows us to honor intrigue in any way on any night. There was no rehearsal between the four of us, allowing the music to be increasingly potent when it hit. 

Here's me kind of explaining what we were going to do to John while Hernan sheds. 

All photos, video taken by Mario Rodriguez, who I would recommend as photographer, and just general human being. 

The second night was in trio with Chris Bates on bass, John, and myself. We played free to a small, full room, called Syriaccus in San Josse del Cabo. We did not talk about the music before hand. It was all improvised. It was not a groove fest. It was sounds. No drummer. 

The last night we played at this new hotel called El Ganzo. We played songs, mostly limiting ourselves to them, original songs from a record produced by Anton Fier, who played drums, that will be released in September on Billy Martin's record label, Amulet. We did play one cover, the Marvin Pontiac classic "Runnin Round". Which you can hear John go off on below. The stage and setup are a bit silly, but the music was fun.

Onwards in growth. There are some recordings of the theater ALE show around that turned out sounding pretty good. 

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  Here's us playing War Pigs at Festival Ollin Kan last night. BONUS MATERIAL! I exclaim that a bit sarcastically. Im told "bonus material" is what sells the regular material these days. Anyhow, much love, thanks

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