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What is Happening in Mexico

 I am not from Mexico but this is my home. For me, this is the greatest place to live in the world, a vibrant, beautiful country and people. I am grateful to be here in Mexico City, where I am able to do what I love, play music and connect with people. 
But something terrible has happened here, a product of the dark, cynical, and shameful politic in this country and many others. 43 students were kidnapped by police on their way to a social demonstration in the town of Iguala, in the state of Guerrero and have disappeared. It took over a month for the president of the country to acknowledge what has happened, and that this was done under the direction of government authorities in the region, by all accounts the President's friends - the Mayor of Iguala and his wife, also a politician. As a search was agreed to, weeks later, other bodies have been found, mass graves. 
What has happened is not a reflection of the Mexican people, this is the Mexican politic.
This is happening under the same president - one with a legacy of corruption prior to being elected - that Time Magazine put on the cover as "Saving Mexico" and many major medias embraced as a visionary after his taking of the presidency, despite knowing his election, and his past in politics in the state of Mexico, was wildly corrupt. 
This is not politics, and it doesn't matter what country you are from or support, this is being human. We all have to care, because if we don't, the future is dim, for everyone. We cannot allow the cynicism of these people to become our own. 
Please let your friends, elected officials, university, band, and neighbors know you are with the Mexican people, and the 43 young people who have gone missing at the hands of a corrupt government. Today there is a large protest in Mexico City, share the photos if you can. Demand accountability and that leaders in the US begin asking questions of their Mexican counterparts. They are too silent. This is not "drug violence", it is government violence.
We can't be afraid to be decent.



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