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Where's Her Money From Story n Video

When I was living in the Baja, I rented an apartment a few stories beneath a pretty happening woman in her 60's. Also a heavy drinker and smoker at the time, she came to many of our shows. 

I performed often with a saxophonist from Uruguay, a short bearded man in his early 20's with exceptional talent and vacant ego, an inimitable character always at ease. He dated the woman upstairs for a while, moving into her penthouse apartment. They had about 40 years difference in age and the relationship had a volatility gone unhealthy from it's onset. They would break up often, though also kiss wildly at bars and restaurants in between our sets.

The last time they separated he moved into her garage. She had given him the lockpad code once asking him to bring up a case of wine. She didn't use the space for much else. She barely left the apartment in the daytime, and parked her car outside. He lived there for about a month without her knowing, an air mattress set on the garage floor and a small reading lamp next to a loop station, bass guitar, and saxophones. The ocean nearby gave him a chance to stay clean, and he'd come by my apartment once a week or so for a shower. We used to rehearse in the garage and drink Mexican 40's. 

He had plans to move on to Spain or somewhere, it wasn't really important to him the where as it was keeping in motion.

The last night he was in town we played at a small club in duo. She came to listen, to his surprise. We took a break and I went outside to smoke cigarettes. When it was time to play again, I came in the little club and they were on the back bench, bodies and tongues twisted and embracing. This happened for a while and then we played another set. When we finished playing, the two of them went outside for cigarettes - she smoked the long white kind marked by lipstick - and he explained he had been living in her garage. She thought it was awesome and fascinating. The two of them spent that night on the air mattress, ascending to the penthouse in morning for Bailey's and coffee.

This is the song "Where's Her Money From" off the record Man With No Country 
RECORDED initially in duo with Anton Fier - Tony Scherr plays the most wicked of bass parts
VIDEO made with Mario Rodriguez in Xilitla, Mexico

From the Recent Amulet Records release "Man With No Country"


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