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Politic season is on in the USA and I am happy to be away, and have no television. I love you up there, but you are nuts. Crazy rich Uncle.

I have been, gleefully, making a lot of music. Its what I love to do. I plan to take advantage of every opportunity to make music about any and everything I think I have something to share about. 

Thank you for making that possible.

Our band A Love Electric is its own animal now. I don't mean that in the cliched sense. It truly has its own blood and hunts its own unsuspecting, genre-loving, box headed, prey. Me, Hernan and Aaron just get dragged about by it, like the kids you see at American malls whose parents have them on leashes, but this is pretty.

Here's a new live video from a place called Minimo Set in Bogota, Colombia. 



CHANT is a dreamer's dream project that takes a lot of energy to make go, but I enjoy the challenge. People smile where they wouldn't. Thats not trite, honestly, it can take a lot to make us actually feel joy, or feel at all, to react with the brightest of human impulses with all the distraction from a  decent existence we all battle. I've directed kids from underserved neighborhoods in Mexico Cityto some of the greatest jazz musicians I know in the world now, and its always heavy and rewarding, and real music gets made. There is a spiritual sense to it all, but I am nearly allergic to that word now with its new-agey implications. We use no incense, we make music. Thats not to say incense is bad, but music is better.

Its music for getting people together and making music, as opposed watching and celebrating an image of a human share their character. We do it together. I like that 80's song, or at least it sounds like an 80's song "I Still Believe".

Here's a little highlight video


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