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Young Boy in Suit for the Win.

Sure, its cute. But that doesnt invalidate it. Happy shaking down the world. Be the mule. #ArtLife


Busy running with The Naked Beat. And lots of other things. Pretty excited John Medeski and Anton Fier will be down in the Baja for a weekend in March. I am writing songs for that band. I don't think it will sound anything like anyone would expect from the collection of voices, including Chris Bates on bass, that make the band. 

Just finished tracking a project called Folk Trova with Alex Otaola, a guitarist and friend here in Mexico City. We have similar sensibilities, a bit dark maybe, and explored pretty ruthlessly. Im taking a taxi over to his house tonight to do some listening to what we got. The taxi will most likely run me about a dollar and fifty cents. Id take the subway, which costs 20 cents, but I'm affording myself some luxury.

Shooting the "Wake and Shake Your Heart" video today in Mexico City. I am asked often why I am here.  I also think there are many misconceptions about this city, or perhaps just lack of knowledge, and I hope this video addresses some of those.

You can stream what is our first ever single here. The word, and concept, single is a marketing tool. We'll see if it works. Either way, we will be making committed music for years to come.


Thanks for reading, Much love


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