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Son of A Hero

by A Love Electric

Released 09/16/2014
Ropeadope Records
Released 09/16/2014
Ropeadope Records

An explosive trio of three nationalities hailed as the tomorrow of creative rock by Mexico City's leading newspaper, La Jornada, performs at some of the world's finest rock festivals, jazz clubs, and cultural landmarks.
  • 03:30 Story Lyrics Be The Evolution

    Dust is my body, and God is a Digital Man

    Son of the Corporate, how do you clean your past

    Wake and be the mule

    Any heart left in you

    Im a lover Uncertain, I am covered in illusion's ash


    As for Patience As for my wrongs 

    I have no shame left fear i am beyond  I'll be your pistol I'll be your pistol

    Be the Evolution Be The Evolution Be The Evolution


    Life become me kid, spit from the tongue of time

    Passing Las Vegas I, look at what they've done to our minds

    Beat it with a sling blade

    Every man is self made

    I try disappearing, but the city's such waste of style


    As for compromise, As for accept

    These are just words left, Desperate is the safest bet

      Make me a pistol, Make me a pistol

    And be the evolution, Be the evolution


    The révolutions are only revealing

    The revolutions are only televised

    The revolutions are twisted on the clock from above

    property of the empty, birthed by secret neighbors unknowing of to whom they are gifting their labor, the newspaper makers, the colored television inventors, the alcoholic sober talkers

    Well ya know, Well ya know, the claws to feet to hands to thumbs to thought to babies, its over, the revolution is over,

     its going to take the sixth sense. The sixth sends of the human heart. The sixth sense of the human heart. The overcome, you the brave, you the brave, you the brave, be the evolution, be the evolution, society is but a nuisance, poisoned to complacence, the evolution of revolt is a complete recalculation of thought and intention, we are the evolution, be the evolution, be the evolution






  • 03:15 Hollywood Nation
  • 03:53 Lyrics Mo City Kid

    They made love in the country

    They got high after school

    They had met in the recess heart, empty

    On the morning when her father left for good


    Pity's just a piece of the devil he said

    And he undressed to her breasts with speak

    There is yellow in the fire sunset

    Laid her head on his skinny knees


    This, Love, not Like Anyone's

    For man never rest


    In the morning, He took her down to London

    Alcohol put them both to sleep

    Chased the pigeons round the statues and fountains

    The big red bus, 2 dollars cheaper than the train


    The city takes to the bar in the sunset

    They' watched the boys on old Compton Street

    This life is a picture This must be what we wait for

    To the night, hand in hand, on  for on


    Shame, Fault, a Britain once Great

    They throw everything they want at you 

    But its comfort, not your life of they beg


    Mo City Kid

  • 04:07 Lyrics Mr. Kahn

    In the bowels of Chicago

    Where the laundry flips its mills

    Where the streets are owned by the invalids

    There's glass webbed at every door


    Where the meter maids are undressing

    Themselves for the alcoholic men

    Carrying cardboard hearts with gentle pleas

    Pissing on the church steps where Mary lays


    It was the sun sun sun set

    woke him to the best ever wind

    To the station, he'd won the lottery (out with the cyanide)


    G        Bb         A

    Mr Kahn scratched his ticket to the morgue


    Where hope has all gone capsized

    And dire mars pok the people's skins

    Where there's dollars shaved deep beneath your fingers

    Where he worked and barely sinned


    Perhaps it was brother in the mustache

    The old boy couldn't make a job last

    Hiw kids they were far too young

    Just teetghin, his wife always seemed the angel 


    Someone bought the poisoned water

    And poured it to his vodka tall

    When he changed the television station

    No one must have been looking


    It was the moon the moon the moon charm

    That shined on his breathless skin






    In the parlents of our times

    When money rolls thicker than blood

    And blood tricks thick for money

    Its hard to know, there's so many people to say it was





    D   G     D    G    D   Emin     G     F

    Poor Poor Mr Kahn you see

    He tipped the clerk twice his pay

    Whist whist whistled the land of the free

    Mr Kahn scratched his ticket to the morgue


  • 04:17 Lyrics Hush


    A Vacant Gun

    Swollen want

    Medicine skin


    Skinned to vein

    Cocaine hands

    Turn from mind


    We can lie just a little


    Hold your hips

    Wet with light

    Be Vanity


    Shut your fists

    Like your mouth

    The veins police


    Our blood lies just a little


    Constantly Overcome

    By the Big in Light

    By the Big in Light

    Constantly I am Overcome, Undone



    Leave your body

    To the bed 

    Our dusted mouths


    I Cant be him

    But I can try

    To lift your eyes


    CauseI can lie red and better


    I work in sweat

    My stories thin

    I can't be him


    Dusted Kids

    Lick my hands

    Shut your fists


    Constantly Overcome

    By the Big in Light

    By the Big in Light

    Wicked head same songs is this all you really want


  • 03:48 Lyrics Sex in America

    St. and Main

    The flood of the spring

    Look at us now

    Look greedy


    Warmblooded boy

    Rollerskate girl

    Summer is on

    How'd you miss me


       Choose me now chosen one


    The mule and the gun

    Minneapolis tires

    You follow your heart

    So heavy


    Blood of a stone

    Clothes wind away

    The gloves and the saws

    This bores me


    Sex in America

    I am lost to control

    Sex in America 

    Think Im losing control


    My mind is chemical

    Im lost to control

    Sex in America

    Let me do what Im told



    Sex in America

     I lose control

    My mind is chemical

    My mind is chemical


    All in this town

    a mirror talk back 

    Word no sound

    Are you confessing?


     hear the applause

    I wanna feel your breath

    All over my neck




  • 04:26 Lyrics 2100

    10 bar Intro


    e|  A  |  G  | 2/4 B |

    e | A| g | b


    short  x 2  chorus






    ch  - short






    In 4       D         Ebmin        G        Gmin

                 F /C        C            B7b5   B7   b5


    ch - short




    out looping short





    We can leave Jesus behind


    Knifed the color from our minds


    The great eclipse of the human soul

    Undressed undercover, Our singers growing old


    The sixth sense of the battered heart

    Hope is out of style, Your word is your art




    Cut down like an old hotel


    Everyone's the same by now


    Get a shake of the wild sun

    Manhattan is grey,  end's assured when its begun


    Airplane weather, Turn out ill

    Don't you underestimate what want can make real



      History is tomorrow, is the only things that ever lasts

      I need you like lightning, like hell wind, like death

      Take the liar from our lungs, fall me over in love

      Just do what you said



    Winter is a state of life


    Imagine me with all your might


    Up in arms with a broken gun

    I am just waiting for the chance to run


    Hennepin  Winter weeps

    Catalog men, women on the edge of their knees



    Imagine with all your might


    Imagine with all your might


  • 04:41 Story Lyrics Tlalpan Girl

    Tlalpan Girl


    f min      db      bb       f      gmin   d       f        c        


    Crossing my chest to pray

    Time of night where dark meets day

    Her teeth are shot and skin is draped

    Preparing a smile


    Our Bodies in the bloodless rain

    Her Face grey like a hurricane

    Her eyes ash like a fire's flame

    We have done this all before


    Cmin  Eb   Bb   Cmin

    She makes no attempt to lie

    I admire I admire

    Circle pulse of the radio wires

    Past the the liars, I Been a liar



    Ab    Cmin

    Your animal bones

    Ab     Cmin

    My animal bones


    bb         f           c

    Tlalpan Tlalpan Girl


    Freedom is unordered love

    For a moment the pain was still

    Violins in the red motels

    I am Bending and bending away


    Lightning music falls

    Just wanted you to hear me sing

    I am a God child, I was born in need

    We are Bloom and bled the same


    I want to cry to whoever it's been hard

    to let your heart howl, let our hearts howl

    The wreck-ed space above your brow

    Tell me any story, Tell me it again


    Tlalpan Girl


  • 05:01 Lyrics Elijah

    Morning Lord, bring a new chord from somewhere beneath my skin

    Up how the little birds go to swim out on the wind

    Laid out on the Earth's floor count the veins in my hand

    Through and through he moves me to wake up and try again


    Great God, pretend now, humor us with your wit

    Color us in sunshine and carry my bodies to rest

    Make me `no promises,  but make good what you begin

    Marry our hands to the twilight swallow every lie they've said


    Overcome and underlived 

    Your hair shuffles with the wind


    Elijah, Elijah, Down from all the light


    Who is it thats done the hurt on you, in the motel meeting we sleep

    Face of ask, pillow cough, someone you need to believe

    Chain choke around his neck broke, black like space in my teeth

    Meet me out by the fountain, I'll be there when the sun and moon meet

    He is a boy from the country

    I am a child end to start

    The sky is so busy

    But it led me to his heart

    We Promised not to grow old

    And cold and thick in word

    Our music it grew darker

    This is how our city sounds


    When is it you were hurt

    When your eyes got changed

    I hope it wasn't me

    But I am selfish that way

    Most of the time you smile

    Its because no one understands

    How far down you been and seen

    Crawled up with your bare and dirty hands


    Most of the time we spend thinking

    How to impress you from believing

    This weakness tied above my neck

    This past I don't believe, can't let you see


    Most of the time he comes heavy breathing

    Dark shirt and a necklace, shoes shining

    The weakness tied around his neck

    Spend a whole life hiding if you're scared that way


    Elijah, Down from the light


    I care for you

    But we are burning down and down

    And taking each other to ash

    I let you go and you will sink

    I let me go

    And I got a chance to escape me


    I want you by my side

    But we are sinking this whole town

    And my lungs are thick and wet

    I take your hand across my chess

    And let it fall

    And don't you go losing your heart now



  • 02:40 Lyrics By Hand and Body


    I'm lit awake at the morning window with thought and question and we don't want to be angry

    I want to say whats it like to be us, that there is us and maybe feel what its like to not have anything to gain

    Everything to lose I am us, so convinced of losing what we never had

    Frightened to death by this tower of people dressed the same but trying to be a part of it


    History will measure me down to very little but we should be used to that by now

    We built a ce-meant ship on a stone of weighted air and water and started fighting over it

    We all got so important many weren't saved by our own inventions 

    There is a street here I am walking ash of some great star and busy waiting for someone to be a hero


       Its a serious situation

       Irony conquering the hearts of man


    New York City is gone and its never coming back, its just a story leftover

    We are comfort now, suburban lovers, and ashtray televisions, the mighty information make

    Perhaps the prescriptions should tell the story of a trouble inconvenient

    That money is no medicine, demand imagination said the history book to its subjects


    By Hand and Body

    I will move you along

    Wash your worry


    By Hand and Body

    Pity comes Undone

    Brave in Love

    Brave in Love



    We are just hanging, just hanging on

    I beg of worry

    To leave me alone


    By Hand and Body

    Love is overcome


    By Hand and Body

    We are the wicked ones

    By Hand and Body

    Barely moved along

    By Hand and Body

    My head rests alone



    Its a serious situation

    And the best we know how to do is laugh



    I can't get rid of you father, You are the star that lasts forever, never disappears

    Irony is beating grace in imitating something like feeling and cheap identity

    Drop the nails and the pens under the firework rain ad get up and save somebody

    Pull the eyes of the world towards you, the triumph of no country, of every man, the disintegration of greed



Led by guitarist and vocalist Todd Clouser, a voice recognized as at the forefront of a new generation of post genre artists, A Love Electric carries the sonic legacies of psychedelic rock, New York City's downtown scene, and introspective song into new territories. Having performed over 150 concerts in 2013 across three continents, ALE has gained praise from critics and fans of rock, jazz, and experimental musics alike.

A Love Electric is group we've been touring with the past 3 years, often with my name attached to it, but its grown to be a real band, an honest sum of its parts, not just mine anymore. There are three of us, from three different countries (MX/US/ARG) , all living within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. We all have careers playing in other groups as well, but this became something special as we spent more time together, we've left a lot of personal opportunity behind to commit to it just playing music and moving around the world as much as we could. We've evolved a lot over time, from playing instrumental music to songs where I just yelled to what might be more proper songs now, which is really my voice and what I do when I'm alone just making music.
ON John Medeski joining the band for the recording
In March 2013 John Medeski came down, as a friend, to the Baja in Mexico and we played one gig together with A Love Electric. It was a big dream for me, and all of us. When I was driving John and his family back to the airport, he expressed gratitude for the trip - we spent a few days in a cabin on the beach in Cabo Pulmo - the music and hanging, and said "I'll play on your next recording, you know, not charging, just whenever you want, tell me… unless you want someone else." That was March 2013 and I started writing every morning with the Son of a Hero record in mind the next morning, every morning, on tours, wherever I could.

We went out to Appleahead studio in Woodstock where Medeski keeps a lot of his gear. Its a magic studio, big A Frame, three cats that live in Mx City up in the cold, and John and I tracked out parts. We worked out the rest of the record in Mexico City at Hernan's studio, where some scrapped sessions started, and in this time I also became a close friend of Billy Martin, who was working with John Lurie. John Lurie is a hero of mine, I've written about that. I started speaking with John infrequently, and I got hipped to Patrick Dillet, who mixes a lot of David Byrne's stuff, and did Lounge Lizards records with John. I wanted to work with Patrick, so we set it up, long in advance, to come out to NYC and mix with him. The three of us went out and played 5 shows in a week in New York and mixed days with Patrick. There is this sense of community and humanity, maybe family, in making this record, that came about naturally. From Medeski and speaking with John Lurie, and then Pat becoming a friend and just being real with us, and understanding what we do. All the right people, not a lot of people, but the right ones, seemed to come into our lives at the right time.