Dust to Bone

A Love Electric
Todd Clouser


There is a summer in the bad midwest 

Up where the photographs go 

I go for motorbike wind face smile 

I sing its take by sin 

I met him sleeping on the lake of fire 

I have no interest in your heart 

I put my hands where the devil

s mouth goes 

I shook his toes and slept away 

Im looking for the man 

Im looking for the man 


t be serious, I am dust to bone 

I lied and lied and spoke in circles 

I had nearly all you tricked 

In the Spring when the snow went to rivers 

I hid my tongue in the wild sin 

Light my wires in a comic fire 

  its what you got to talk about   

Apologize I am broke of fight 

Tell a grown girl she cannot lie 

Im looking for that man 

Im looking for that man 

I, am dust to bone 

Apologize I am broke of fight you are mine, now he is mine

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  • 09/28/2018
    Cauz - Jalapa, Veracruz
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