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A Love Electric
Todd Clouser


Morning Lord, bring a new chord from somewhere beneath my skin

Up how the little birds go to swim out on the wind

Laid out on the Earth's floor count the veins in my hand

Through and through he moves me to wake up and try again


Great God, pretend now, humor us with your wit

Color us in sunshine and carry my bodies to rest

Make me `no promises,  but make good what you begin

Marry our hands to the twilight swallow every lie they've said


Overcome and underlived 

Your hair shuffles with the wind


Elijah, Elijah, Down from all the light


Who is it thats done the hurt on you, in the motel meeting we sleep

Face of ask, pillow cough, someone you need to believe

Chain choke around his neck broke, black like space in my teeth

Meet me out by the fountain, I'll be there when the sun and moon meet

He is a boy from the country

I am a child end to start

The sky is so busy

But it led me to his heart

We Promised not to grow old

And cold and thick in word

Our music it grew darker

This is how our city sounds


When is it you were hurt

When your eyes got changed

I hope it wasn't me

But I am selfish that way

Most of the time you smile

Its because no one understands

How far down you been and seen

Crawled up with your bare and dirty hands


Most of the time we spend thinking

How to impress you from believing

This weakness tied above my neck

This past I don't believe, can't let you see


Most of the time he comes heavy breathing

Dark shirt and a necklace, shoes shining

The weakness tied around his neck

Spend a whole life hiding if you're scared that way


Elijah, Down from the light


I care for you

But we are burning down and down

And taking each other to ash

I let you go and you will sink

I let me go

And I got a chance to escape me


I want you by my side

But we are sinking this whole town

And my lungs are thick and wet

I take your hand across my chess

And let it fall

And don't you go losing your heart now