One Vicious Disco

A Love Electric
Todd Clouser


One Vicious Disco
Is it within you, to know to care?
In his feelings
In the air
Its beneath him to have to care
Poison man
Poison head
face of enemy, we could be friends
di doo doo de dii doo
He carry heavy
The weight he lives
t break his bones, don
t twist his legs
He talks of yester
He coughs in years
Time lazy, the light appears
He wakes up at nighttime
Wakes up at night
Crack a moon and
One Vicious Disco, One Vicious disc
Band of night
Made the most of a cocaine life
3rd street down
Comes Up to breath, used to own this town
He wakes up its nighttime
He wakes its night
Passed by
Empty fight
Passed by
Crack the moon and
One Vicious Disco

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