You The Brave

Clouser and Medeski
Todd Clouser



You are not solely information

You cannot be purchased

You are not the sum of your skills

You are not your clickings

Your information has a soul

You are not the one who buys the product for the picture

You are not this person


You are not the calculated risk

You are not the percentage probability of the focus men

You are not the possessor of a single language

You are of no country

You are not afraid


You are not a product or a consumer

You are not a product and its consumer

You are not consuming yourself

You are not produced by your consumption

You are not skin and bones


You are not in need of belonging

You are not concerned about how you are perceived

You are not being lied to

You do not allow yourself to be lied to

You do not lie to yourself

You yourself are not a liar


You are not desperate to purchase a home

You are not desperate

You are not desperate

You are not desperate

You are not desperate

You are not desperate


Remember that whats important is not importance

And that its going to take getting up on your own


You are star dust, Mother tears, River ash, Wonder Sun, Brave Brave Brave Brave Brave, Triumph triumph triumph, new, new new end of lie end lies end of lies, You You You You You The Brave


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  • 09/28/2018
    Cauz - Jalapa, Veracruz
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