Son of A Hero

A Love Electric

An explosive trio of three nationalities hailed as the tomorrow of creative rock by Mexico City's leading newspaper, La Jornada, performs at some of the world's finest rock festivals, jazz clubs, and cultural landmarks.

Led by guitarist and vocalist Todd Clouser, a voice recognized as at the forefront of a new generation of post genre artists, A Love Electric carries the sonic legacies of psychedelic rock, New York City's downtown scene, and introspective song into new territories. Having performed over 150 concerts in 2013 across three continents, ALE has gained praise from critics and fans of rock, jazz, and experimental musics alike.

A Love Electric is group we've been touring with the past 3 years, often with my name attached to it, but its grown to be a real band, an honest sum of its parts, not just mine anymore. There are three of us, from three different countries (MX/US/ARG) , all living within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. We all have careers playing in other groups as well, but this became something special as we spent more time together, we've left a lot of personal opportunity behind to commit to it just playing music and moving around the world as much as we could. We've evolved a lot over time, from playing instrumental music to songs where I just yelled to what might be more proper songs now, which is really my voice and what I do when I'm alone just making music. ON John Medeski joining the band for the recording In March 2013 John Medeski came down, as a friend, to the Baja in Mexico and we played one gig together with A Love Electric. It was a big dream for me, and all of us. When I was driving John and his family back to the airport, he expressed gratitude for the trip - we spent a few days in a cabin on the beach in Cabo Pulmo - the music and hanging, and said "I'll play on your next recording, you know, not charging, just whenever you want, tell me… unless you want someone else." That was March 2013 and I started writing every morning with the Son of a Hero record in mind the next morning, every morning, on tours, wherever I could.

We went out to Appleahead studio in Woodstock where Medeski keeps a lot of his gear. Its a magic studio, big A Frame, three cats that live in Mx City up in the cold, and John and I tracked out parts. We worked out the rest of the record in Mexico City at Hernan's studio, where some scrapped sessions started, and in this time I also became a close friend of Billy Martin, who was working with John Lurie. John Lurie is a hero of mine, I've written about that. I started speaking with John infrequently, and I got hipped to Patrick Dillet, who mixes a lot of David Byrne's stuff, and did Lounge Lizards records with John. I wanted to work with Patrick, so we set it up, long in advance, to come out to NYC and mix with him. The three of us went out and played 5 shows in a week in New York and mixed days with Patrick. There is this sense of community and humanity, maybe family, in making this record, that came about naturally. From Medeski and speaking with John Lurie, and then Pat becoming a friend and just being real with us, and understanding what we do. All the right people, not a lot of people, but the right ones, seemed to come into our lives at the right time.

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