From the recording Son of A Hero

"Son of A Hero"
Todd Clouser - Guitars/Voice
Aaron Cruz - Bass
Hernan Hecht - Drums/Voice/Additional Keyboard/Percussion
John Medeski - Piano/Mellotron/Rhodes/Wurlitzer/Hammond B3
All songs written by Todd Clouser and published by Imagination Demand (BMI)
Arrangements by Clouser, Cruz, Hecht
Produced by Hernan Hecht
Recorded at The Terrarium, Minneapolis , MN Dec 2013
 and Applehead Recording Woodstock, NY Jan 2014
 and Studio HH Mexico City, MX  Mar 2014
Engineered by Rob Oesterlin at The Terrarium, Chris Coady at Applehead Recording, and Hernan Hecht at HH Studios
Ropeadope Records  -
A Love Electric Booking -
Publicity - Monica Frias and Anel Navarette - Verbigracia MX  -
Photography - Jesus Cornejo
Design - Hernan Hecht


Dust is my body, and God is a Digital Man
Son of the Corporate, how do you clean your past
Wake and be the mule
Any heart left in you
Im a lover Uncertain, I am covered in illusion's ash
As for Patience As for my wrongs 
I have no shame left fear i am beyond  I'll be your pistol I'll be your pistol
Be the Evolution Be The Evolution Be The Evolution
Life become me kid, spit from the tongue of time
Passing Las Vegas I, look at what they've done to our minds
Beat it with a sling blade
Every man is self made
I try disappearing, but the city's such waste of style
As for compromise, As for accept
These are just words left, Desperate is the safest bet
  Make me a pistol, Make me a pistol
And be the evolution, Be the evolution
The révolutions are only revealing
The revolutions are only televised
The revolutions are twisted on the clock from above
property of the empty, birthed by secret neighbors unknowing of to whom they are gifting their labor, the newspaper makers, the colored television inventors, the alcoholic sober talkers
Well ya know, Well ya know, the claws to feet to hands to thumbs to thought to babies, its over, the revolution is over,
 its going to take the sixth sense. The sixth sends of the human heart. The sixth sense of the human heart. The overcome, you the brave, you the brave, you the brave, be the evolution, be the evolution, society is but a nuisance, poisoned to complacence, the evolution of revolt is a complete recalculation of thought and intention, we are the evolution, be the evolution, be the evolution