From the recording Son of A Hero


I'm lit awake at the morning window with thought and question and we don't want to be angry
I want to say whats it like to be us, that there is us and maybe feel what its like to not have anything to gain
Everything to lose I am us, so convinced of losing what we never had
Frightened to death by this tower of people dressed the same but trying to be a part of it
History will measure me down to very little but we should be used to that by now
We built a ce-meant ship on a stone of weighted air and water and started fighting over it
We all got so important many weren't saved by our own inventions 
There is a street here I am walking ash of some great star and busy waiting for someone to be a hero
   Its a serious situation
   Irony conquering the hearts of man
New York City is gone and its never coming back, its just a story leftover
We are comfort now, suburban lovers, and ashtray televisions, the mighty information make
Perhaps the prescriptions should tell the story of a trouble inconvenient
That money is no medicine, demand imagination said the history book to its subjects
By Hand and Body
I will move you along
Wash your worry
By Hand and Body
Pity comes Undone
Brave in Love
Brave in Love
We are just hanging, just hanging on
I beg of worry
To leave me alone
By Hand and Body
Love is overcome
By Hand and Body
We are the wicked ones
By Hand and Body
Barely moved along
By Hand and Body
My head rests alone
Its a serious situation
And the best we know how to do is laugh
I can't get rid of you father, You are the star that lasts forever, never disappears
Irony is beating grace in imitating something like feeling and cheap identity
Drop the nails and the pens under the firework rain ad get up and save somebody
Pull the eyes of the world towards you, the triumph of no country, of every man, the disintegration of greed