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For their third short-release, vocalist Renee Mooi and writer/producer Todd Clouser,  are joined by Mexico City drum phenom Jorge Servin in creating an impassioned collection of songs that swing between rock, vocal heroism, experimentation and dance, and result in the duo’s most complete and mature work to date. Mooi, a former European pop star who left glamor behind to honor her creative music ambitions, and Clouser, a prolific writer and collaborator, offer a moving ballad dedicated to Elliott Smith, “Pretty Elliott”, that serves as the EP’s standout track, though “Ordinary Drug” with its odd-timed pulse and Servin’s bursts of dance heavy drum work aims us towards a rock music more able and wide eyed than what we are accustomed to. 


1. Ordinary Drug

2. Pretty Elliott (for Elliott Smith)

3. Century Turned


Renee Mooi - voice

Todd Clouser - guitars, basses, keyboards

Jorge Servin - drums, effects


All songs written by Todd Clouser

Published by Imagination Demand (BMI)