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Musicians in Mexico City is a book released April 2016 by Ropeadope Sur Records, edited by Todd Clouser and Zazil Collins.

A compilation of 42 musicians based in Mexico City sharing their experience with music. Intimate, unmediated writing from some of contemporary creative music's most impressive voices.

Spanish and English (same version contains both languages)

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Aaron Flores Urban Prints

Abraham Barrera At when composing

Denise Gutierrez Notes 

Alex MercadoWhat would the world be like if we could all speak music?

Juan Martin Medina Being a Wanderer in Mexico and Discovering its Music: Identity and Social Frame

Natalia Arroyo From Ensenada to Patagonia

Daniel Aspuru Guzik Invention and Social Responsibility

Alonso Arreola Otherness

Iraida Noriega Independent Music: Attitude to Life

Georgina Equihua Bridges and Chaos

Luis Cleriga Noise

Liber Teran A lucky Anonymous Person: Confessions of a Chilango with a Gypsy Heart

Sandra Cuevas Metamorphosis

Federico Sanchez Subversive Love

Eduardo Piastro The Paths of Learning for a Jazz Musician between the Academy and the Tradition

Jenny Beaujean The Roller Coaster

Arturo Baez Inhabited practice

Brian Allen Of Ports and Pambazos

Daniel Zlotnik Four Creative Axes of a Trans Musician

Nur SlimMy Education in Mexico

Carla RivarolaOn the Heart and the Hands 

Remi Alvarez A Life Full of Music

Todd Clouser Imagine Music 

Wilfrido Terrazas Improvise, Compose, flow

Arturo Tranquilino Ballerina

Lxs Grises (Zuriel López) Lxs Grises

Aaron Cruz Leave myself, search for myself in the others

Ingrid Beaujean The Voice From Within

Rafael Catana Naxos Hotel

Alejandro Otaola The H(amelin) point

Gustavo Nandayapa Variations from a Private Room

Belafonte Ramirez A story to be sung

Helena Sanchez My First Time

Hernan Hecht A Conversation with Hernan Hecht

Adrian Escamilla Greenham Sand

Alex Eisenring Being a musician in Mexico

Felipe Pérez Santiago Dancers, travels and electroacoustic

Saul Fimbres Greyhound

David Aguilar The Disgenre of Song

Carlos Malcisne Scribbles

Benjamin Shwartz Mambo and Demons

Tito Rivas Time and wind, Muteness 





The copy of Musicians in Mexico City that you hold in your hands stands for the joint will of some iconic musicians who have lived in Mexico City and have developed their work in this geographical space. They are musicians who we admire and we believe that their presence, speech and art comprise the essence of an ever-changing scene.

Forty-two voices take part in the present volume. They provide us with graphic art, photography and different kinds of oral texts such as manifestos, testimonies, methodologies of improvisation, storytelling and poetry, drawing together a sort of multimedia poetic prose that reflects the chaotic but endearing and increasingly diverse city in which they live.

As editors, we focused on bringing together a selection of distinguished musicians willing to express their own identity and to create a collective voice at the same time. As we planed this book, we never intended to fit or make up any standards as we constantly come across unknown talented composers and performers. There are definitely several authors missing from this first volume. However, we managed to put together a genuine and stimulating collection, part confessional, part wonder, but all expressing the love and commitment an artist must have for their work.