From the recording Permanent Immigrant

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Could you believe
flag to his sleeve
Millions are watching
billions are mocking
Vented talking
Shock back

She seemed solid that night
Arrows shot wide
Deeper trying
wrongs deciding
Shit talk psychic

Common Animal

For all of his sin
They embraced his wit
Cheap as its seeming
Its the popular reading
Kinetic the bleeding
Swamp mouth

Im stood in here in shock
Slapped by what we’re not
Florida Pittsburgh
Metric no herd
Different failure
Microphone mirror

“The distinction between man and animal runs right through the human species itself: ”
. “only the best (aristoi), who constantly prove themselves to be the best (aristeuein, a verb for which there is no equivalent in any other language) and who “prefer immortal fame to mortal things,” are really human; the others, content with whatever pleasures nature will yield them, live and die like animals”

Excerpt From: Arendt, Hannah. “The Human Condition: Second Edition.” iBooks.