From the recording Permanent Immigrant


she still just like her picture
he an ordinary sight
in the song lights of dreamers, between wars and cheap speakers, he bit her heart a thousand times
She is pretty as she stutters, carries a book she’d never read, the sound of her town’s ache in every word that she can’t say, immune to regret
They dance like Americans
Like everyone is watching
He put his chin back and looked rude, he swings her like a cigarette, the flash of her palm shake, jealous I weak break, his hand curls around her back
Im dying to be part of it, to feel her window cursing red, memories I wish I knew, try to carry a country’s tune, but no one is bothered by what Ive said
The dance like Americans
Sarcastic hearts at love, dance, dance, dance
Join the other side
Be at the front of the ride
If it takes a hundred lies
If it means there’s something I gotta hide
If I could just feel the might
Maybe I could use it right
Maybe I could use it right