From the recording Permanent Immigrant


must we sacrifice sincerity?
must we mine an enemy?
must we speak contempt for mercy? must his softheart call him weak?
must we tell the same dumb story? must fiction love it be ?
must we submit to being boring? must we spit from another’s speech?
for our seat g
at the pugh F
on the bus Emin
on the plane dmin
in the crowd c
on the stage f
at the table
emin d c only age to blame
for your place, place place in the game
must we be ordinary singers? must we dress the poser part? must we celebrate our killers? must only fags have time for art?
must we lust for vacant hero?
must we participate?
must we defend our vicious language? must we envy all their fame?
G to Emin a few times