1. Mo City Kid

From the recording Son of A Hero


They made love in the country
They got high after school
They had met in the recess heart, empty
On the morning when her father left for good
Pity's just a piece of the devil he said
And he undressed to her breasts with speak
There is yellow in the fire sunset
Laid her head on his skinny knees
This, Love, not Like Anyone's
For man never rest
In the morning, He took her down to London
Alcohol put them both to sleep
Chased the pigeons round the statues and fountains
The big red bus, 2 dollars cheaper than the train
The city takes to the bar in the sunset
They' watched the boys on old Compton Street
This life is a picture This must be what we wait for
To the night, hand in hand, on  for on
Shame, Fault, a Britain once Great
They throw everything they want at you 
But its comfort, not your life of they beg
Mo City Kid