1. Sex in America

From the recording Son of A Hero


St. and Main
The flood of the spring
Look at us now
Look greedy
Warmblooded boy
Rollerskate girl
Summer is on
How'd you miss me
   Choose me now chosen one
The mule and the gun
Minneapolis tires
You follow your heart
So heavy
Blood of a stone
Clothes wind away
The gloves and the saws
This bores me
Sex in America
I am lost to control
Sex in America 
Think Im losing control
My mind is chemical
Im lost to control
Sex in America
Let me do what Im told
Sex in America
 I lose control
My mind is chemical
My mind is chemical
All in this town
a mirror talk back 
Word no sound
Are you confessing?
 hear the applause
I wanna feel your breath
All over my neck